We’re on the road to …….Somewhere exciting….

We’re on the road to …….Somewhere exciting….

Just a quick hello to let you know I am busily scribing the MumE strategy and way forward following some brilliant conversations with many of you. I’m excited and have big dreams for our future together. If you have some ideas please send them through…Id love to hear from you.

I’ll see many of you at Sam Buckingham’s amazing Communications session next Wednesday morning (if you haven’t booked your place get on to it now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/presentation-skills-accelerator-workshop-tickets-17843173412). I’m looking forward to further defining my story and getting better at delivering it so others can join me on the journey. Hope to see you there – Sam is phenomenal so this is an important step towards success!

I’ll start to communicate the vision next week and will launch the next event where we will focus on clarifying our Visions and our Goals – if we know where we are going, its easier to get there!

So until next week, enjoy the blue skies and dream big, ….and smile….


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