Privacy Policy

  1. Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd will collect personal information about you. Our primary purpose in collecting this personal information is to enable us to provide services to you.
  2. We require this information for the purposes listed below and if you chose not to provide the information requested, we may not be able to provide services to you. This information may be used for related purposes such as to assist in providing goods and services to you, to assist with any inquiries you make to us, for any purpose made known to you at the time of collection of your personal information, to communicate promotional offers, business referrals and special events, for our internal administrative, marketing, planning, product development and research requirement in connection with law enforcement, national security and airport surveillance and in relation to business referral program. We usually disclose information of this kind to Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd, third parties such as consultants, auditors, legal advisors and the like, third parties we are required to disclose to. 
  3. Under privacy principles, you may access your personal information held by Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd.
  4. You may contact us if you think any of this is inaccurate, incomplete, our out of date. There are some limited situations which are set out in privacy principles, where you will not have this right. 
  5. You acknowledge that privacy principles are set out under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) do not apply to the collection, use and disclosure if members’ personal information by entities outside of Australia.
  6. Please note that the primary function of Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd is to promote business, communicate with business questions, through its members networking and giving referrals to each other. The member acknowledges that Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd does not endorse the capabilities or professional expertise of any of its members. In that the member in choosing to conduct business with or refer clients to any other member of Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd does so at its own volition and risk. Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd specifically accepts no liability in relation to business conducted or standards as between any of its members.

Limitations on Liability:

Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Agreement, any liability to members involving Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd and its officers, agents and representatives for any cause whatsoever arising from the breach of the conditions or warranties, if any, in this Agreement, related to this Agreement, or membership or participation in Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd, and regardless of the form of action, will to the extent permitted by law be limited to the amount of any membership dues paid by you for the membership in Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd.

Customer Service

Any comments or complaints should be directed to:
Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd
8 Warri Close
Narraweena NSW 2099

or email