Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

ABN: 48 133 933 481
ACN: 150 733 798
EMAIL: trisha@mumentrepreneurs.com.au
WEBSITE: www.mumentrepreneurs.com.au

1. Mum Entrepreneurs services business Australia wide.
2. Mum Entrepreneurs may, at its discretion, permit limited numbers of members from each business category, profession or franchise to become members.
3. Member’s must represent their own business, not as employee of.
4. Members must engage with other members and guests in a respectful manner.
5. Contact details supplied by members and guests are to be used solely for the purpose of professional networking.
6. Members must not intimidate, molest, harass or otherwise interfere with other members. In the event that a member intimidates, molests, harasses or otherwise interferes with another member, Mum Entrepreneurs, at its sole discretion, may terminate that member’s right to attend any events.
7. Mum Entrepreneurs reserve the right to disallow a member’s from attending events, at its own discretion.
8. Mum Entrepreneurs and it’s Director Patricia (Trisha) Culver are the only entities to represent Mum Entrepreneurs in any relationship with the public and via the media
9. Each member agrees to not take any action or make any claim against Mum Entrepreneurs.
10. Each member will indemnify Mum Entrepreneurs against any liability for any statement or action a member may make or take that results in liability for Mum Entrepreneurs.
11. Policies are subject to change at any time.


Event fees
1. Fees are not refundable for any Mum Entrepreneurs events or activities.
2. Fees are not transferable unless the fees are transferred to another person of the member’s business or company.
3. Booking and Payment is required at the time of the booking for Monthly Events, or by RSVP date for Bi-Annual Events.
4. Payment can be made by via Paypal at the time of purchase of ticket on Eventbrite.
5. Bookings, RSVP or payment will not be accepted over the telephone.

Cancellations and Alterations of Networking Events
1. Mum Entrepreneurs reserves the right to alter, change or cancel an event at any time.
2. In the event that an event is altered, changed or cancelled, members and guests booked for the Monthly or Bi-Annual Events will be advised by email. Members and guests will be offered a credit or refund at the discretion of Mum Entrepreneurs.
3. Cancellation of bookings will only be accepted 2 working days for Monthly Events.
4. Refund will be considered if your ticket is re-sold by Mum Entrepreneurs or transfer can be arranged to someone confirmed by yourself. Please email us. Refund or Transfer is only considered after review by Mum Entrepreneurs.

Attending Networking Events
1. Mum Entrepreneurs will endeavour to hold regular meetings in the form of Networking Events
2. Members will be expected to arrive at the Event on time and be in attendance at the Event for its entire duration.
3. Mum Entrepreneurs will provide an area at each of its Events for members to display their business cards, brochures, promotional material, etc. Mum Entrepreneurs reserves the right to remove any business cards, brochures, promotional material, papers or any other materials displayed at the Events which it deems to be inappropriate or offensive.
5. Children are not permitted to attend Mum Entrepreneurs events

Sponsorships & Advertising

1. Mum Entrepreneurs, ‘MumE’, can refuse offer of sponsorship at its own discretion
2. Mum Entrepreneurs will decide the period of sponsorship or advertising based on already sold positions or assessed conflict.
3. If at any time you feel you are not being represented as described please contact us at accounts@mumentrepreneurs.com.au
4. The Mum Entrepreneur Sponsor is to supply, at its own cost, finished artworks and to be provided within deadlines reasonably set by ‘MumE’
5. Payment of all fees is to be made upfront by direct deposit or Paypal.
6. Payment arrangements maybe discussed for Sponsorship packages 1, 2 & 3 only.