Coping with the School Holidays

Coping with the School Holidays

So many blogs/ articles are out there in business magazines or on business websites talking about how to run a business during the quiet times, economy slumps etc. but honestly nothing compares to running a business while having a young family.

It is like having to deal with the ultimate difficult customer who does not let go, EVER!

Now bring on school holidays or any holidays for that matter it seems my workload doubles and having my two adorable, gorgeous kids (they made me write this! LOL) to entertain. I try to postpone meetings till after the holidays, will do phone calls early morning when they are watching cartoons/ playing etc.

Once we’ve left the house usually around 10ish in the morning I try and do some emails while they’re playing or like today “writing my blog as a mum entrepreneur”, and I can hear my kids in the background yelling and screaming!

Seems mine are always the loudest and the busiest ;-(

Coping with the School Holidays
My kids in the last school holidays! – Diana Holwerda


So how do you cope with the school holidays? Only 4 weeks left before we are off for Easter holidays!

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Diana Holwerda
Mum Entrepreneurs Australia
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