Trisha's story

I’m just like you. I’m a mother and I’m a starting up businesses and am both excited and overwhelmed!

We all have own story so who am I to be so audacious as to think I can guide MumE to its next adventures? Well something I have come to know is who am I not to?

Let me share the basics of my story with you…

  • I am 47, a single mother to two wonderful children, Master 9 and Miss 7;
  • I was born, bred and educated on the Northern Beaches – I always say I got my education at St Lukes and my socialization at Manly High!
  • I have a good brain, could spend more time exercising and have a lot to give and a great deal to learn;
  • I have enjoyed a successful corporate career predominantly in Finance, Sales and Strategy/operations and have coached Executives and small business owners. I’m a Chartered Accountant with an MBA;
  • I chose to stay at home with my children and have never looked back.
  • I sing with my 83-year-old step-father in clubs and nursing homes, I love to kayak on Narrabeen lakes with my son and can’t get enough cuddles and laughter from my daughter. My Mum is my guiding light and my Dad inspires me to grow and achieve every day.

So again, I ask …So why not Me??

My deeper story is that for 4 years my world was turned upside down when I was propelled into a divorce proceedings where I had to defend myself as a Mother and as a Person.   I needed, for the first time, to accept offers of help, love and strength. My gorgeous family and friends dropped in dinners, chocolate or a bottle of wine just when I needed it. They would do some washing, take the kids out for a play or drop them to school. They held my hand during the court process and let me cry on their shoulders.  I needed my support team to focus me and to heed Shakespeare’s words “to thy own self be true”.

It was difficult, time-consuming and confronting to prepare for the financial negotiations. However with my forensic accounting experience I  secured a financial baseline for my children. Afterwards, I wondered….how do other women do this?  The answer is….they don’t .   I felt compelled to establish my business Discovery Accounting to develop a flexible, affordable, tailored service to support women improve their financial understanding and regain their financial freedom .But none of that defines me…….. My core values are absolute integrity, fostering community and continual learning. I do try to incorporate those into everything I do whether as a Mum, a business woman or as a friend.

Mum Entrepreneurs epitomises these values. I am honoured to grow and support and grow a community in which we can learn in a safe and authentic environment – whilst helping other women, like you, to secure their future and be the best mother and woman we can be…..

I made it through the turbulence. My kids are now settled and happy. I am strong, independent and optimistic. Life has a new groove. I’m really excited about the future.

So that is my story….now I want to know yours……