4 Start Steps to Create & Action your 2015 Goals 2b Reached- with Bee Wakelin

4 Start Steps to Create & Action your 2015 Goals 2b Reached- with Bee Wakelin

4 Start Steps to Create & Action your 2015 Goals 2b Reached- with Bee Wakelin

Howdy all Mum Entrepreneur Blog readers. I am super goal excited to be sharing  some of my goal guiding suggestions with you. In this article I will show you how you can create & action your 2015 personal, relationship & wealth goals.

Before you start with the following steps be sure to allow yourself the “pause”, the “space”, and the ‘stop” moment to actually focus on achieving each step. Make sure you have a pretty stationery book that you can call your “Goal Bible” (well that is what I call mine), along with your fave pen & three different coloured highlighters (I am a stationery lover lol). Then sit with a warm cuppa and start step 1.

Step 1- Goal Brain Explosion

Don’t allow yourself to have a “monkey mind” instead just have what I call a “Goal Brain Explosion”. On the first page of  your book write everything down that you want to either Be, Do or Have in your life.

Step 2- Group Goals

It feels good to get everything on paper in step 1, but imagine if we left things that way – a whole list of things on a piece of paper! The only thing that can help with is goal overwhelm! So grab your three highlighters & categorise each point into one of the following three groups:

  • Me goals- inner self, personal, calm, happy, health, hobby, holiday goals
  • Relationship goals -how you want to communicate with others, love, social, parenting, holiday goals
  • Wealth goals- work, money, saving, budget, business, holiday

NB- Holiday goals can fall into all three groups. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the holiday? Is it for yourself, for others or does it have a work purpose?

Step 3- Chunk & Choose

So many of us create new year’s resolution goals with the positive intention of reaching them ALL. Come on, we are excited and motivated –  it is a new year for Christ sake! Here is the thing though…the motivation will burn out causing goal overwhelm, yeh not fun for 2015.

What I do instead is to chunk my goals into 12 weeks (3 months) intervals at a time, with the choice of ONLY 2 me, 1 relationship & 1 wealth goal. That is a total of ONLY 4 Goals at a time. So take a look at what goals you grouped together and chunk & choose your 4 that you need be, do or have in your life at this point in time.

Step 4- Create the Goal

So you have brain exploded, grouped, chunked & chosen your 4 goals,  that you want to action over a 12 week period. Now it is time to create the goal by writing it out. We tend to focus on the have, the reach, the end goal result, but something is missing when we do this – we have to be something in order to do something, in order to reach something. This template is how I write out my goals it is simple but yet effective.

I am going 2b xxxxxxx in order to reach xxxxxx

All you need to do is fill in the blanks by asking yourself “Who am I going to be in order to reach ….  (whatever the goal is you have chunked & chosen)”

For example, If my goal was to improve my fitness, I could write, “I am going 2b MOTIVATED AND COMMITED in order to reach IMPROVING MY FITNESS”.

My personal approach to goal setting has a few more steps thrown in to make goals come to life; however the 4 steps shared so far are the starting steps you need for motivation, clarity and a start on your goals. Have you heard the saying, “the rolling stone gathers no moss” ? Don’t stay still …. grab a pen, highlighter & a book to make a start in creating & actioning your goals today!

Bee xxx

Profile- Bee Wakelin, goal guide, is the owner of Goals 2b Reached. Through Goals 2B Reached, Bee guides women (predominately mothers) to reach the goals that they want 2b, do & have in their life. If you would like to be guided or know more about the steps bee has an awesome goal program to achieve this go check it out at

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