Inspiration for growth and freedom through practical, shared learning and real connections

The practical community for women developing and growing their own businesses, whilst raising children, in Australia

Do you want to run a successful and profitable business, whilst keeping your flexibility and sense of humour to be the best parent you can be?  .

Do you deserve the choice to utilise your skills, secure your future and raise your children – on your own terms?

Whether you’ve just got ‘an idea that just might work’ or a business in its infancy, being your own boss and working from home is exciting but brings unique challenges. Our community is here to help you connect, grow and thrive!  We have a giggle along the way, (especially when things get really tough!) and forge deep friendships through genuine, non-judgmental, non competitive events, conversations and education to build your business and your confidence.

What makes MumE different that the other networking groups?

As Mum Entrepreneurs (MumE’s) our time is limited, so we are practical, committed and ready to learn from each other.  We inspire through doing, we support through real connection and active partnerships. Mum Entrepreneurs provides a safe, supportive community to gain inspiration, share learnings and develop profitable connections to help women reach their business and motherhood goals whilst attaining financial independence. The differences are:

  1. Embrace you as both Mum & Micro business entrepreneur – Growing ourselves and our businesses – we understand the challenge of balancing motherhood;
  2. Promote authentic, two-way human connections not just ‘friends’ – Members commit to being supportive and commercial partners;
  3. Flexible to cater for the Mum/Entrepreneur balance: Flexibility of times, memberships and communication to cater for all Mum Entrepreneurs

It can be confusing, lonely and overwhelming but together we can do it, together we can generate a community of mums just like you to support each other, grow our businesses – and our kids! As a mother and a business women you are an amazing role model  – even if you don’t realise it just yet!

Come and meet others just like you.  Join us – for you, your business and your family.

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